Location: Barbarians Rugby Club, Minehead
Date: 7th July 2024
**Rider Briefing for MTB Marathon**


Main MTB Marathon start time: 10.30am

Emergency contact numbers, please save in your phone:

Paige Rowland (on course): 07757 796470
Deborah Rowland (event village): 07710 866147



·         The event is a mass start. All categories start together but please try to position yourself within your relative fitness level.

·         Number boards must be displayed on your handlebars. It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure their number is visible when passing control points (split points and finish line).

·         All under 16 year olds riding the course must stay with the adult they have entered with for the entire ride.

·         The first 9 kilometres are led by a lead vehicle, which can’t be overtaken.

·         Do not leave the course until you have either signed off at the start/finish line or you have informed a marshal if you cannot continue.

·         The route will be way-marked with arrows (orange triangle). You must stay on the marked route. (If you haven’t seen an arrow for a few hundred yards – then you have gone wrong).

·         All split points are clearly marked.  If uncertain, please check with the marshal.  You can shorten your distance at certain route split points, a marshal will mark your number board

·         Please be aware of the dangers of traffic when crossing minor roads and B roads, which will be marked with danger signs. You may also encounter oncoming traffic at any time during the ride.  Normal traffic rules and regulations always apply.

·         All escape routes will be marked, if you want to abandon the ride, please follow the directions given.

·         The route will be marshalled, medics will also be present. Riders and spectators must follow marshals and medics instructions at any time prior, during and after the ride.

·         There will be feed stations along the way, but it is essential that you carry sufficient food, water, appropriate clothing and repair kit, make sure you eat and drink sufficiently – before, during and after the ride.

·         There will be some technical support available on some of the feed stations.

·         If you do not reach the cut-off points in time (marked on the profile), you will be asked to shorten your ride for safety reasons.

·         All rides end back at the event village, please make sure that you end at the official finish at the event village so that we can register your return.

·         Sections of special risk are marked – if you don’t feel comfortable with certain sections of the course then PLEASE GET OFF AND WALK.

·         If you are not able to ride certain sections of the course (uphill or downhill) please make sure that you step immediately to the edge of the trail, away from the main line so that other riders can pass.

·         Please be respectful to other riders on the course.

·         If another rider is in difficulty, please endeavour to help and let the nearest marshal know.

·         Due to the course running over private and restricted land, it is not possible to ride the course before or after the event. Only participants with number boards are allowed on the course.

·         Please do not to leave any rubbish on the course, around the campsite or the event village. There are designated, signed areas for rubbish, please dispose of appropriately.

·         Helmets must always be worn during the ride and whilst warming up: no helmet = no ride!

·         Riders are responsible for the technical condition of their bike.

·         The organiser cannot be held responsible for loss of or damage to any personal belongings.